Do you Travel?

Of course this is one of the best parts of my job! I will travel anywhere in the world and up to 75 miles from WA4 is covered in the cost, any further is charged at 50p per mile, Accommodation may be required if the drive is over 100 miles or if I have another wedding the day before or day after, but these are all things we can discuss prior to booking. Where there is a will there’s a way, and I am very used to traveling the length of the country for weddings and to be quite honest being a mum of two, the alone time traveling sometimes feels like a treat. If your wedding is abroad my bag is already packed- let’s go!! For elopement and destination weddings this will be a more tailor-made travel package so we can chat about this further whilst I apply my sun cream!


We are so nervous, we hate having our pictures taken.

Listen.. I am going to ask now that you trust this stranger talking to you through the internet BUT understand that on your day you will not be nervous having your day documented by me. I would never over-pose a couple. It’s just not my style and I will intuitively pick up on what you both need in order to make you both relaxed and actually enjoy this element of your day. At your wedding it is always my utmost priority that I ensure you have the best day (you have paid enough for it and put a crazy amount of planning into it- I know I’ve been there myself).



We don’t like the idea of posing?

Cool.. Neither do I. I always say to my couples that with me as your wedding photographer we don’t create poses, we create moments and I just capture them. For example, I like to slow events in the day down and capture them. If there is someone who hasn’t seen you in your wedding outfit, then rather than you just walking into a room and it not feeling special. I like to create just a moment of stillness where we have you getting ready in a private room and then create that moment where you are revealed to your loved ones.. Trust me there is never a dry eye in the room. We have you getting ready in a private room and then create that moment where you are revealed. Trust me there is never a dry eye. 


We have an idea of what photos we would like, will you capture these?

Of course... Like I said before I am only happy if my clients are happy. I’ve had couples send me mood boards, other friends wedding albums, magazine clippings- honestly I’ve seen it all. You can send me as much as you like, any extra inspiration is always amazing and it’s something I definitely encourage. I just will always manage expectations for couples as sometimes someone else’s vibe that you have seen might not be right for your day.


Do we have to feed you?

A whole day without food? I may be a little shaky. I do of course not expect a full 3 course lavish meal (although that would never be turned down), but after years of having to break away from the wedding to go on the hunt for food whilst you have your wedding breakfast, or eating a soggy pack lunch in my car I realised it really doesn’t work that well. I would much rather stay at your venue, so I’m close for when you guys are ready for me to start snapping away again. Many caterers and venues are very used to feeding suppliers, so they will be able to best advise you on this.


What if we have to reschedule?

This is all in the contract, but the short and sweet version is that I will always do my utmost to accommodate your day if you need to change the date for whatever reason. I do ask that you give me a few dates to play with if we are having to rearrange. If it isn’t possible for me to make your date due to having another booking on your new date, I do have associate wedding photographers that have a very similar style to me that regularly shoot with me that I can introduce you to, and I will then edit your gallery so you get the vibe and style you want for your day.

How much is the deposit?

So I take a booking fee of £350 which will come off the total balance of your wedding. This will then secure your booking, and things will start to feel real for you both. Exciting times! Full balance is then due 2 weeks prior to your wedding. Of course if you want to set up a payment plan that’s not a problem at all. Whatever works best for you.

How long after the wedding will we receive our album?

I always allow myself 4 weeks to get your full wedding album back to you, As I mentioned I do love to edit, so I tend to get the album back to you even quicker than this but what slows me down is answering emails from couples asking each day if their images are ready yet. Believe me I know how excited you are, I am also so excited to deliver your gallery. It’s the best bit of the job, but in peak season where I can have 3 weddings a week I need a little grace and time to work on your album and deliver them to the highest standard which is why I allow myself the 4 week window.



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